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cheap Harvesters

  • 4LZ-2.0D Rice Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-2.0D Rice Combine Harvester

    4LZ-2.0D Combine Harvester Main Features 1. 55kw diesel engine, 2 meters cutting width, hydrostatic transmission, high efficiency. 2. Double axial flow threshing cylinders and adjustable front & rear sieving plates ensure the grain more clean, less breakage and less loss. 3. Big width...

  • 4LZ-1.0 Rice Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-1.0 Rice Combine Harvester

    4LZ-1.0 Rice Combine Harvester Main Features ■ Combine Harvester Model 4LZ-1.0 is a newly developed whole-feed harvester used for wheat and rice. It features light weight, low ground pressure and reliable paddy field moving. ■ The machine has advantages of reliable performance and stable quality...

  • 4LZ-0.6 Rice Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-0.6 Rice Combine Harvester

    4LZ-0.6 Combine Harvester Main Features 4LZ-0.6 small combine harvester is a kind of multi-functional combine harvester, which is mainly used to harvest rice grain and wheat grain by picking up ears of rice and wheta and threshing, so it is very convenient for farming. With great adaptability,...

  • 4LZ-2.5D Rice Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-2.5D Rice Combine Harvester

    4LZ-2.5 Combine Harvester Main Features · Full hydraulic stepless transmission, a control rod, flexible operation, play a maximum efficiency of the harvester; · the machine structure is compact, short body, more adapted to small plots of land to harvest; Whole lightweight, small grounding...

  • 4LZ-4F Rice Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-4F Rice Combine Harvester

    4LZ-4.0 Combine Harvester Main Features 1. It is equipped with Turbocharged Engine 64.7kw with strong power and low fuel consumption 2. ZKB65 Hydraulic Gear Box+40CC South Korea HST makes machine working more smoothly 3. Rubber Track 450*90*51 brings less ground clearance 4. The length of...

  • 4LZ-4 Wheat Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-4 Wheat Combine Harvester

    4LZ-4 Combine Harvester Main Features ■ Large feed capacity, high efficiency. ■ Easy Operation, reliable Performance. ■ Enhanced transmission with a large load-bearing capacity and high operational reliability. ■ Equipped with GPS navigation system (optional) and alarm device for monitoring...

  • 4LZ-5 Wheat Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-5 Wheat Combine Harvester

    4LZ-5 Combine Harvester Main Features ■ Widened header conveying axle which increases fluent flow of material and feed capacity; ■ Equipped with 110HP engine, featuring strong power and lengthened threshing drum; ■ Improving threshing components to achieve better threshing and separating effects...