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We are professionally engaged in agricultural and horticultural machines.

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  • 3WZ-6 Power Sprayer

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    3WZ-6 Power Sprayer

    3WZ-6 Power Sprayer Main Features ■ Using Engine:4-Strokein small size,light weight,low noise and fuel consumption,have passed the EURO II Certificate. ■ Large-caliber chemical tank for easy filling,puring the pesticide in bags directly, ■ Strap and backcushion made of foamed plastic,small...

  • 3WF-11 Mist Sprayer

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    3WF-11 Mist Sprayer

    3WF-11 Mist Sprayer Main Features ■ Compared with other models, the model is with small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance and high efficiency. ■ This machine quality is stable, reliable performance, corrosion resistance, bear homework and comfortable. ■ The model adopts unique structure...

  • 3WF-3 Mist Sprayer

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    3WF-3 Mist Sprayer

    3WF-3 Mist Sprayer Main Features ■ The model adopts unique structure design, and all the parts contacting medical are made with corrosion resistant reinforced plastics or stainless steel, so you can be at ease use and need not consider solution on the machine corrosion problems and long service...