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Mini Cultivator

  • 3WG-430 Mini Tiller

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    3WG-430 Mini Tiller

    GOODS DESCRIPTION: For people who want to work smarter, not harder. 3WG-430 mini tiller helps you cultivate your garden with ease. Our light weight tillers are easy to transport and store, and have several easy to install attachments. Our tillers are ideal for all of your lawn and garden needs....

  • TG-4 Mini Tiller

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    TG-4 Mini Tiller

    GOODS DESCRIPTION: TG-4 Mini tiller is designed with compact structure and light weight. It is suitable for the field of orchard, greenhouse, garden and other small fields. It features the following advantages: 1. Complicated gearbox design. 2. Has the differential, it is easy to steer the...

  • 186F Cultivator

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    186F Cultivator

    GOODS DESCRIPTION: 186F cultivator not only has the basic functions of tilling,ditching,ridging and transporting,but also can be used to pump water,irrigate,spray insecticide,reap,generate electricity,fertilize,sow seeds,thresh,cut climber and to grind after to be equipped with the relevant...

  • 178F Power Tiller

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    178F Power Tiller

    GOODS DESCRIPTION 178F power tiller (rotary hoe or rototiller) fits for all kinds of landform and the place where the large tiller can't do. They will be the best substitutes of farm cattles. It is widely applied to cultivating, ditching, ridging for dry land and paddy field and managing the...