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Loaders supply

  • ZL926 Wheel Loader

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    ZL926 Wheel Loader

    ZL926 Wheel Loader Main Features ■ Fully hydraulic poered steering with flow-amplified system, pilot operated control for loader hydraulic system, power shift and electric shift optional transmission makes convenient and flexible operating. ■ Xcmg new z-bar linkage, high breakout force, short...

  • ZL916 Wheel Loader

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    ZL916 Wheel Loader

    ZL916 Wheel Loader Main Features ■ Fully enclosed cab, bright and spacious; new cab damping system to make work more comfortable. ■ Adopting Xichai diesel, reliable, low fuel consumption, long service life. ■ Hydraulic load-sensing steering system and short body makes cornering more flexible and...

  • ZL938 Wheel Loader

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    ZL938 Wheel Loader

    ZL938 Wheel Loader Main Features ■ A new type steel cab, according to the concept car is equipped with luxurious interiors, optimized air duct design, implementation former hair, air-conditioning and heater external, improved sealing, increased operating space cab. ■ Using Deutz or Cummins...

  • CSL763 Skid Steer Loader

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    CSL763 Skid Steer Loader

    CSL563, CSL663, CSL763, CSL963 and CSL1253 Skid Steer Loader Main Features ■ CSL series Skid steer loader uses the full hydraulic drive and the original Sauer hydraulic system imported from the United States ■ The glide steering can make skid steer loader self rotation and turning radius minimum...

  • ZL920 Wheel Loader

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    ZL920 Wheel Loader

    ZL920 Wheel Loader Main Features ■ With new steel frame , the cab features wider view field , reliable safety and low noise.Spacious cab is provided with instruments and control devices in reasonable arrangement for convenient operation. The low vibration suspending seat is designed specially...

  • ZL928 Wheel Loader

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    ZL928 Wheel Loader

    ZL928 Wheel Loader Main Features ■ Adopting advanced performance engine, the machine has many advantages such as Easy to Start, Low Fuel consumption, Strong Power, Low Noisy, Elecrcmagnetic Flameout. ■ Using high quality gearbox and transmission assembly. Easy to operate and maintenance. ■...

  • ZL918 Wheel Loader

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    ZL918 Wheel Loader

    ZL918 Wheel Loader Main Features ■ The working equipment has an automatic leveling function and high efficiency, which is able to lighten the driver’s operation intensity. ■ The new connecting with 24°taper elasticity sealed structure is used, which can keep oil lines against any leakage. ■...