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Corn harvester

  • 4LZ-1.0 Rice Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-1.0 Rice Combine Harvester

    4LZ-1.0 Rice Combine Harvester Main Features ■ Combine Harvester Model 4LZ-1.0 is a newly developed whole-feed harvester used for wheat and rice. It features light weight, low ground pressure and reliable paddy field moving. ■ The machine has advantages of reliable performance and stable quality...

  • 4LZ-4 Wheat Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-4 Wheat Combine Harvester

    4LZ-4 Combine Harvester Main Features ■ Large feed capacity, high efficiency. ■ Easy Operation, reliable Performance. ■ Enhanced transmission with a large load-bearing capacity and high operational reliability. ■ Equipped with GPS navigation system (optional) and alarm device for monitoring...

  • 4LZ-2.0D Rice Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-2.0D Rice Combine Harvester

    4LZ-2.0D Combine Harvester Main Features 1. 55kw diesel engine, 2 meters cutting width, hydrostatic transmission, high efficiency. 2. Double axial flow threshing cylinders and adjustable front & rear sieving plates ensure the grain more clean, less breakage and less loss. 3. Big width...

  • 4LZ-4F Rice Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-4F Rice Combine Harvester

    4LZ-4.0 Combine Harvester Main Features 1. It is equipped with Turbocharged Engine 64.7kw with strong power and low fuel consumption 2. ZKB65 Hydraulic Gear Box+40CC South Korea HST makes machine working more smoothly 3. Rubber Track 450*90*51 brings less ground clearance 4. The length of...

  • 4LZ-5 Wheat Combine Harvester

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    4LZ-5 Wheat Combine Harvester

    4LZ-5 Combine Harvester Main Features ■ Widened header conveying axle which increases fluent flow of material and feed capacity; ■ Equipped with 110HP engine, featuring strong power and lengthened threshing drum; ■ Improving threshing components to achieve better threshing and separating effects...