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China Tractors

  • TS350/TS354 Tractor

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    TS350/TS354 Tractor

    TS350/TS354 Tractor Main Features ■ Integral type flat floor, side-mounted transmission control, suspended pedal,beautiful shape and driving comfort; ■ Optional safety frame or heating cab; ■ Optional EPAIV engine in order to meet different emission requirement area; ■ Double-acting clutch, 8+2...

  • TS500/TS504 Tractor

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    TS500/TS504 Tractor

    TS500/TS504 Tractor Main Features ■ Adopt Jianghuai diesel engines, better reliability,more back coefficient for torsion. ■ 10 inch clutch with double actions. ■ Gear-box shows 4X(2+1),namely 8 forwards speed,8 rears speed,exchange in joggle; ■ Driving force output device with...

  • TS400/TS404 Tractor

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    TS400/TS404 Tractor

    TS400/TS404 Tractor Main Features ■ Equipped with 4 cylinder engine,direct injection engine, start convenient,low fuel consumption,high tractiong,high reliability and high coefficient of torque reserve. ■ With heavy-duty chassis,high traction,and high double-speed PTO shaft,it works more...

  • 15HP Tractor

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    15HP Tractor

    Main Features ■ Compact,Agile,Light,Reliable,Convenients,High Quality. ■ Suitable for dry fields in plain, mountain and hilly areas. Attached with the implements, it could finish the work of tilling, plowing, mowing, reaping, harvesting, irrigating and so on. When attached the trailer, it also...

  • TS250/TS254 Tractor

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    TS250/TS254 Tractor

    TS250/TS254 Tractor Main Features ■ A more smooth and flexible steering Hydraulic power steering system, four-wheel drive models can equip full hydraulic steering, that means your steering will be more smooth and flexible, just enjoy your driving. Compact body and small turning radius make it...

  • TS450/TS454 Tractor

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    TS450/TS454 Tractor

    TS450/TS454 Tractor Main Features ■ Perfect performance satisfy your requirements It could provide you different range of speed with the transmission with 8 forward gears and 8 reverse gears for your different tasks. With the high range for travel speed, medium range for mowing and low range for...

  • TS300/TS304 Tractor

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    TS300/TS304 Tractor

    TS300/TS304 Tractor Main Features ■ A tractor the whole family can operate Smooth full hydraulic power steering delivers no kickback in the steering wheel for less operator fatigue. It’s really a tractor the whole family can operate. Shuttle shift system is optional, gear shifting will be more...

  • Large Agricultural Machinery 120HP 4 Wd Wheeled Farm Tractor

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    Large Agricultural Machinery 120HP 4 Wd Wheeled Farm Tractor

    Basic Info Model NO.: TS1204 Usage: Farm Tractor Drive Wheel: 4WD Fuel: Gas / Diesel Production Name: Agricultural Machinery 120HP Wheeled Farm Tractor Engine Model: Yto Water Cool 6 Cylinder Engine Clutch: Single,Dry,Dual Stage Clutch Gearshift: F12+R4 Rear Tyre: 18.4-38 Trademark: TS Origin:...