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18HP DF Power Tiller price

  • 12HP to 20HP Walking Tractor, Power Tiller (MX151 / MX151L)

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    12HP to 20HP Walking Tractor, Power Tiller (MX151 / MX151L)

    Basic Info Model NO.: MX121, MX 151, MX 181, MX 201 Application Field: Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Forestry Power Source: Diesel Traction Type: Traction Certification: SGS, ISO9001 Trademark: Huiyou Origin: Jiangsu Province, China Type: Rotary Tiller Farming Policy: Wet and...

  • TG-4 Mini Tiller

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    TG-4 Mini Tiller

    GOODS DESCRIPTION: TG-4 Mini tiller is designed with compact structure and light weight. It is suitable for the field of orchard, greenhouse, garden and other small fields. It features the following advantages: 1. Complicated gearbox design. 2. Has the differential, it is easy to steer the...

  • GN201 Power Tiller

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    GN201 Power Tiller

    GN201 POWER TILLER GN201 power tiller very suitable for use in paddy fields, dry fields, orchards, vegetable gardens and hilly land with a little inclination. It can be used for plough, rotary tilling, harrowing in paddy fields, harvesting, drilling, ditching, transportation and etc. If suitable...

  • 178F Power Tiller

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    178F Power Tiller

    GOODS DESCRIPTION 178F power tiller (rotary hoe or rototiller) fits for all kinds of landform and the place where the large tiller can't do. They will be the best substitutes of farm cattles. It is widely applied to cultivating, ditching, ridging for dry land and paddy field and managing the...

  • 3WZ-6 Power Sprayer

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    3WZ-6 Power Sprayer

    3WZ-6 Power Sprayer Main Features ■ Using Engine:4-Strokein small size,light weight,low noise and fuel consumption,have passed the EURO II Certificate. ■ Large-caliber chemical tank for easy filling,puring the pesticide in bags directly, ■ Strap and backcushion made of foamed plastic,small...

  • GN151 Power Tiller

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    GN151 Power Tiller

    GN151 POWER TILLER GOODS DESCRIPTION: GN151 power tiller is of dual-function type that can be used as a means of traction as well as drive. It is featured by its simple and compact structure, good reliability, long service life, easy operation, ample output, light weight and good cross-country...

  • 20HP DF Power Tiller

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    20HP DF Power Tiller

    GOODS DESCRIPTION: 1) 20HP DF power tiller two wheel tractors model MX181-MX201 is the dual-function type that can be used as a means of traction as well as drive. With its strong and heavy type chassis, it is suitable for the paddy and dry field with bigger field areas and long working time. 2)...

  • 15HP DF Power Tiller

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    15HP DF Power Tiller

    Goods description: DF type 15HP walking tractor with diesel engine, can be fitted with electric starter, and with different attachments, can conduct different work. Easy to operate. Very good performance. Detailed specifications: