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We are professionally engaged in agricultural and horticultural machines.

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15HP Tractor factory

  • TS300/TS304 Tractor

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    TS300/TS304 Tractor

    TS300/TS304 Tractor Main Features ■ A tractor the whole family can operate Smooth full hydraulic power steering delivers no kickback in the steering wheel for less operator fatigue. It’s really a tractor the whole family can operate. Shuttle shift system is optional, gear shifting will be more...

  • TS500/TS504 Tractor

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    TS500/TS504 Tractor

    TS500/TS504 Tractor Main Features ■ Adopt Jianghuai diesel engines, better reliability,more back coefficient for torsion. ■ 10 inch clutch with double actions. ■ Gear-box shows 4X(2+1),namely 8 forwards speed,8 rears speed,exchange in joggle; ■ Driving force output device with...

  • TS800/TS804 Tractor

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    TS800/TS804 Tractor

    TS800/TS804 Tractor Main Features ■ A transmission even smoother than your car`s Using clutch transmission, which could provide you a large range of speed with 16 forward gears and 8 reverse gears, speed covers the range of 2.34-33.7kM / h. That means gear shifting is more convenient and...